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Is Using A Dummy Flight Ticket Legal Or Illegal?

Dummy tickets are complete legal in order to acquire a visa application. Dummy ticket refers to an actual flight reservation, which signifies that the flight is on hold while payment is made. To avoid visa cancellation, always purchase a genuine dummy ticket that includes a live verified PNR.

Will My PNR Be Visible On The Airline's Website?

It has a valid PNR that can be checked on the airline's website.

What Exactly Are Dummy Ticket Airlines?

Dummy ticket is an alternative name of flight reservation which means reserving flight seats, fares, or both. Generally, there are two types of airlines, Low-Cost-Carrier (LCC) & Normal airlines. Making a dummy ticket in a low-cost airline is not possible but, that is possible in airlines other than LCC. So other than LCC airlines can also be known as dummy ticket airlines. Some of them are: Air India, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, British Airways, Air France, Emirates, Etihad, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, etc. Some of the LCC are: Indigo, GoAir, Air Asia, Air Arabia, etc.

What Format Will The Dummy Ticket Be Delivered In?

The format of your ticket is entirely determined by the airline. Each airline has a different ticket format. On our website, you may view a sample ticket for each airline.

Which Dummy Airline Ticket Will I Be Receiving?

A dummy ticket on any airline other than LCC will be provided to you. It makes no difference whether airline's dummy ticket you use to apply for your visa as long as it has a current PNR.

Do I Receive An E-Ticket Number?

No, an E-ticket number does not come in dummy ticket. If you require an E-ticket number, you will need to buy the full ticket.

How Can I Check My Dummy Ticket On Airline Website?

You can check your dummy ticket on airline website by using the "Manage my booking" tool or "My trips" .

Will This Ticket Be Accepted By The Embassy And VFS?

We provide flight reservations for your visa application. It is workable in visa submission, because it has include all the details(name, contact number, email address, journey route, journey date and all flight information with live PNR) which are needed in visa application.

What Do I Receive?

You receive a PDF document that includes a flight itinerary for your selected route and a PNR code that confirms your reservation.

Is It Possible To Select The Flight That Will Be Booked?

Not at the moment, but it is possible to receive a guaranteed direct flight. With this option, you won't have any stop-overs in any other countries.

Is It Possible To Book A Reservation For A Multi Trip Flight?

Yes, it is possible. If you want to take a multi trip flight then you can choose multi-trip option.

Can I Choose The Stopover Location?

Yes, during the booking process,select"Any Message" and enter your comment. This is not a guaranteed option. Please keep in mind that selecting this option will force the order to be processed manually, which could take up to 8 hours to be delivered to you.

I Have A Baby,Should I Add It To My Reservation?

Yes, simply click on add more passenger.

Is The Cost Of The Flight Displayed On The Ticket?

No, cost information is not displayed on our flight reservation.

Can I Choose The Airline Company?

Yes, during the booking process, select"Any Message" and enter your comment. Please keep in mind that selecting this option will force the order to be processed manually, which could take up to 8 hours to be delivered to you.

Is It Possible To Buy The Actual Ticket?

Yes, when we send your flight reservation, you have the option to request the price of the ticket and buy it from us.

Can I Just Make A Fake Ticket At Home?

It sure is tempting with all the free photo editing tools and apps available, but remember, that is considered a forgery of a document. Immigration officers can easily spot this at first look. If you get caught, you can be... 1. a)forced to buy an expensive ticket at the last minute, 2. b) denied from travelling, 3. c)or even deported So why risk all these when you can just book a legitimate Onward Tickets and travel worry-free?

How Will My Name Appear On My Dummy Tickets?

The format used by some airlines is as follows: [space] LastName / FirstNameMiddleName [space] Title. For example, Mr. John Anthony von Traveloffen will appear as vonTraveloffen/JohnAnthony Mr"

Should I Be Worried About Giving Away My Information? What Is Your Policy On Data Privacy?

No worries because once you've accomplished the booking form, your shared details and information will not be stored in our system as mandated by GDPR. Should you want us to keep record, you can let us know through e-mail.

Does The Service Apply To Any Kind Of Visa Application?

Yes, it works for the vast majority of visa applications. Anymore who needs to apply for a visa of any kind can use this service to book their flights and hotels reservation. You can use it to obtain a Schengen Visa, a US Visa, a Japanese Visa, a Chinese Visa, a UK Visa and so on. However, we recommend that you confirm with the consulate or emabassy because some may require a fully booked and paid ticket, which we do provide.

Can I Add Other Passengers On The Same Order?

Yes, you can add to 9 passengers on the same order during the booking process. If you require more than this, you will have place two orders.

Does Your Service Work For Any Nationality?

Yes, it works for everyone worldwide. No matter where you are from?

Can I Have A Separate Dummy Ticket Per Passenger?

If you are ordering for 2 more people, you can definitely choose, if you want all your names in one ticket or separate dummy ticket for each one of you. No problem.

Can I Get A Dummy Ticket Without Buying The Actual Ticket?

Yes , this is what our services. We are providing dummy ticket withour buying actual flight ticket. Our provided dummy ticket would be verified on airline website.

Do I Have Cancle The Flight? Are There Any Cancellation Charges?

No, you don't need to do anything. It will be automatically cancelled by airline. We will not charge you any cancellation fees.

Will I Expect Any Additional Charge Other Than The Amount I Paid For My Order?

No, which amount you have paid, that is only charge.

When Shoud I Order My Dummy Ticket?

Ideally, from 12 to 24 hours before your flight. We also provide you with the option to receive your dummy ticket on a later date. We will create a fresh ticket for you on a date of your choosing.

Can I Use My Dummy Ticket To Fly?

No, this is a flight reservation only. Please contact us if you want to take a actual/cofirmed flght ticket.